The Digital Era: Analog vs Digital Hearing Aids

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62060927 - woman with hearing loss or hard of hearingHearing loss can be a debilitating problem that can cause isolation and frustration. If you have a hearing aid that is starting to fail, or if you are noticing that you may need a hearing aid for the first time, it’s important to consider the different types available to you and find out what will work best for you and your lifestyle. Consulting an audiologist will help you to work out the best type of hearing aid to address your hearing loss.

Hearing Aid Technology is improving all the time, and hearing aids are now smaller, more discreet and more effective than ever before. When you are choosing a hearing aid, you’ll probably be offered both analog and digital options, and it’s important to consider the differences when making your decisions.

Analog Hearing Aids:

Analog hearing aids make continuous sound waves louder, and amplify all sounds.

•    Some are programmable, so that users can alter the settings when moving from a quiet environment to a noisier area
•    These are usually cheaper than digital hearing aids
•    They can be more powerful than digital hearing aids
•    They are sometimes preferred by those who have used hearing aids for a long time.

Digital Hearing Aids

Digital hearing aids convert sound waves to digital signals, duplicating each sound precisely to allow for complex processing and amplification.

•    Digital sound technology can improve hearing by reducing background noise.
•    These usually contain variable program settings so can be adjusted for specific hearing loss patterns.
•    These are very easy to adjust for different environments, making it easier to hear in a wider variety of circumstances.

Take Care When Looking For Hearing Loss Solutions

Hearing loss can be extremely difficult to live with, and can vary in different people. If you need to adjust your hearing aid to compensate for background noise, or to help when listening to conversations, you may find that a digital hearing aid can give you this versatility by switching between different programmes, giving you the clearest hearing possible.

Whenever you are looking for a hearing aid, be aware that cheap, digital hearing aids can be poorly made and lack the vital components that make digital technology effective.

Are You Looking For Great Quality Digital Hearing Aids in Ireland?

If you need a hearing aid, or already wear one and want to upgrade, it’s important to consult an audiologist to make sure you find the best solution for you and your lifestyle. An expert opinion will ensure that your hearing aid functions as well as possible, bringing you a wealth of enjoyment from the sounds around you.

Our friendly and helpful team have the experience and expertise to help you to find the best hearing aid for you, and will be delighted to help you at one of our nationwide branches. Contact Hidden Hearing today to find the best hearing aid for you.

The Digital Era: Analog vs Digital Hearing Aids
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The Digital Era: Analog vs Digital Hearing Aids
Hidden Hearing examines the difference between Digital vs Analog hearing aids, including how digital hearing aids improve speech and noise.
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Hidden Hearing
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