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Dolores Madden

About Dolores Madden

Dolores Madden is Marketing Director for Hidden Hearing Ireland. Dolores has been a leading figure in the hearing healthcare sector for the past 27 years, having first qualified as an accountant technician (MIATI) and then studying audiology and qualifying as an Audiologist (ISHAA, MSHAA) in 2002. She has worked across all aspects of the business within Hidden Hearing, serving as Operations Manager for 4 years. For six years she was Branch Manager/Senior Audiologist for the Cork Branch, and Team Leader for six audiologists in the Southern Region. A leading media commentator on hearing loss issues, Dolores Madden planned and implemented Hearing Awareness Week. Running since 2007, this annual event has significantly raised the issue of hearing loss on Ireland’s health agenda. She also launched the Hidden Hearing Heroes awards scheme in 2011, a CSR initiative to recognise unsung heroes in communities across Ireland. Find Out More About Dolores

Hearing Loss And Modern Technology

Here at Hidden Hearing, we work with clients who have many different types of hearing loss, including hearing loss caused by illness or genetic factors, and hearing loss caused by exposure to loud or continuous noises. We have noticed that

Oticon Opn hearing aids

Government Grants for the Hard of Hearing are now available for the Self Employed

You can still avail of assistance for funding the purchase of your hearing aid! If you think you might have hearing loss and could benefit from a free hearing test with Hidden Hearing. You may be glad to know that at present there


Have a Free Hearing Test at our Branch in Hidden Hearing Athlone

Leading the team at Hidden Hearing Athlone is Audiologist, Martin Shanagher. Martin bases his professionalism on his commitment to help the hearing impaired lead a fuller life. By combining integrity and compassion, he naturally demonstrates a unique ability to explain strategies of hearing improvement