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The Oticon OPN – Available in Hidden Hearing Killarney

In Ireland, Co Kerry, Most people assume that hearing is something that happens in your ears.  In fact, it’s actually in your brain that sound becomes information that has meaning. “With hearing loss, the sound signal that the brain is accustomed


Why Use Wireless? Hearing Aid Technology Explained

Hearing aid technology has developed rapidly over the past few years, and wireless hearing aids now offer an excellent hearing solution as well as other tools to make your daily life easier. Devices that offer Bluetooth connectivity allow for flexible

Oticon Opn hearing aids

Hidden Hearing Street Survey Results on Hearing Loss are surprising!

Irish Mobile Phone Users Risking Serious Hearing Damage by Setting Volume Levels to the Max – 1 in 2 young people aged 18-24 showing early signs of noise-induced hearing loss – Wednesday, 22nd February 2017: A third (33%) of Irish

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