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Tinnitus? Or maybe, it could be just a build up of earwax….

Many people in Ireland suffer from tinnitus and usually describe it as a ringing, buzzing or whistling noise. It is surprisingly common, with around 18% of the population find that they can suffer from it at some stage in their

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World Health Day #LetsTalk – Hearing health & Mental Health

Depression is a major challenge to health in the WHO European Region and is the focus of World Health Day 2017. The theme “Depression: let’s talk” recognizes that depression is a treatable condition and seeks to address the fact that,


Hidden Hearing on How to Clean Your Ears

  Earwax is a problem everyone has to deal with. The human body produces earwax as a protective measure (keeping out bacteria, bugs, and dirt), but sometimes TOO MUCH ear wax is produced.  If left untreated you can end up suffering from hearing loss

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Hidden Hearing Street Survey Results on Hearing Loss are surprising!

Irish Mobile Phone Users Risking Serious Hearing Damage by Setting Volume Levels to the Max – 1 in 2 young people aged 18-24 showing early signs of noise-induced hearing loss – Wednesday, 22nd February 2017: A third (33%) of Irish

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