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Grant Assistance for Hearing Aids

Is there financial assistance available for hearing aids? Yes, there is funding under the Treatment Benefit Scheme operated by the Department of Social and Family Affairs. Qualifying patients and their dependent spouses who have full PRSI cover may get a


Hidden Hearing Letterkenny Celebrate 6th Birthday

Happy birthday. . . . . to us!  Hidden Hearing Letterkenny are celebrating their sixth anniversary this month, having proudly served the people of Co. Donegal since the store at No 1 McCaul House, Pearse Road opened in 2009. To

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Free GP Care For Over 70’s

The new healthcare provision means that anyone over the age of 70 who does not have a medical or GP visit card can now sign up for free GP visits.  Nearly 40,000 people are eligible to benefit from the scheme.

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Do’s and don’ts to take the best care of your hearing aids

Hearing aids are designed to be effective, reliable, durable and easy to use. They are manufactured with tiny components and intricate circuitry. Special care is required to ensure optimal functioning and trouble-free service. Here you will find tips for preventing

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Certain Antibiotics Linked to Hearing Loss

  New insight into why antibiotics cause deafness Seeking to stem the tide of permanent hearing loss from the use of life-saving antibiotics, researchers at Oregon Health & Science University have found that patients stricken with dangerous bacterial infections are

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Hidden Hearing Celebrates 6 Years of Hearing Healthcare in Terenure

This month Hidden Hearing in Terenure are celebrating 6 years in business and we would like to thank all our amazing friends and clients for their on-going support, we have had an incredible journey since opening our doors in 2009.

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Living with Tinnitus

  Tinnitus is an unsettling, nagging condition identified by ringing in the ears. Hidden Hearing, Ireland’s most trusted hearing care provider offers education, treatment and hope for those who live with tinnitus. Common Causes Tinnitus is often a result of

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How to Choose the Right Hearing Aid for Your Specific Needs

Tired of making people repeat themselves? Is turning up the volume on the TV no longer enough help? That’s a signal it’s time to get your hearing checked and consider a hearing aid. In the last several years, the technology


How much is too much headphone use?

Is more headphone use leading to hearing loss? Many of us use earphones throughout the day to drown out noise in our commutes and at work. But is it prematurely damaging our hearing?  Hearing loss is often not a dramatic event, but something that increases over time.