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How to Choose the Right Hearing Aid for Your Specific Needs

Tired of making people repeat themselves? Is turning up the volume on the TV no longer enough help? That’s a signal it’s time to get your hearing checked and consider a hearing aid. In the last several years, the technology


How much is too much headphone use?

Is more headphone use leading to hearing loss? Many of us use earphones throughout the day to drown out noise in our commutes and at work. But is it prematurely damaging our hearing?  Hearing loss is often not a dramatic event, but something that increases over time.


What Are The Differences Between Analog and Digital Hearing Aids?

  Hearing aids have come a long way over the last five to ten years, thanks in large part to the advances in digital technology. But when most people think about hearing aids—and the associated problems—they are likely thinking of

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What do Bill Clinton and Ronald Regan have in common?

Did you know both former Presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton were fitted with hearing aids while they were in office? In September 1983 Ronald Reagan began wearing a custom-made, technologically advanced hearing aid in his right ear after experiencing increased


Hidden Hearing Recommends Eating For Hearing Health

 Eat your way to healthier hearing! Protecting your ears from continued noise exposure and keeping ear infections at bay are fundamental. However, It may come as a surprise that there are foods you can eat to help protect and prevent hearing

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