Cool Hearing Aids For Kids!

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Noel Cullen

Noel Cullen

Senior Hearing Aid Audiologist at Hidden Hearing
Noel Cullen has been the Senior Hearing Aid Audiologist in Abbey Street for 21 years. During this time Noel has cared for and successfully helped thousands of people with mild, moderate and profound hearing problems. Noel also has experience helping those with tinnitus, vertigo and others with medical related hearing loss.As a fully qualified fellowship member of both the British and the Irish Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists, he has years of advanced training both locally and nationally.

His knowledge in communication disorders has helped a wide range of patients, including both adults and children with hearing loss. He provides screenings, hearing tests, aural rehabilitation and has an extensive knowledge of both conventional and digital hearing instruments.

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There are many children living with hearing loss across the country, and the fear of standing out from their peers, or being teased for their differences, often makes their situations worse. Hearing aids that can enable them to join in with others and hear as well as they can are, ironically, often the source of ridicule or stress for young people & they become very conciouss about their hearing loss.

Sarah Ivermee, whose four-year-old son is deaf in one ear and has hearing loss in the other, came up with a brilliant solution to this problem, and created her company, Lugs, to share it with other children across the world. Ivermee invented hearing aid decorations that transform children’s hearing aids and make them the star of the school playground! You can find out more about Lugs here.

Mum Designs Fun Solution For Son’s Hearing Aid

Hearing loss Hearing aidsSarah Imervee wanted to create a solution for her son and other children with hearing loss who wear hearing aids, and her designs are a delight to the children who wear them. The designs produced by Lugs include:

  1. Star Wars
  2. Peppa Pig
  3. Frozen
  4. Minions

And many more popular themes! The company produces decorations for cochlear implants and for hearing aids, and includes vinyls, stickers and charms to decorate in the child’s chosen style. Each set covers the outer part of a pair of hearing aids or implants, or can cover both sides on a singular device. Devices like these can make it easier for children to accept hearing loss. Remember the superhero eye patches for small children for eyesight? Same principal here.

How Can I Encourage My Child to Wear a Hearing Aid?

When children are worried about wearing a hearing aid, their anxiety may cause them to become stressed by socializing or even going to school. A Lugs kit can help to make hearing aids cool, by decorating the device in the latest themes and characters, making the hearing aid or implant a stylish accessory! They will soon adapt with these child friendly hearing aids and vastly improve their hearing loss.

Visit Hidden Hearing For Digital Hearing Aids

If you’re concerned about your child’s hearing, hearing loss, you should see your GP or book a free hearing test with the experts at Hidden Hearing. The audiologists at Ireland’s leading private provider of hearing care solutions for hearing loss will be pleased to discuss any hearing problems you are experiencing, and you can try the best digital hearing aids to find the perfect solution for you and your lifestyle.

Hearing aid technology makes our digital hearing aids tiny, discreet and more effective than ever before. Contact Hidden Hearing online, or pop into your local branch to make an appointment today. Don’t suffer on with hearing loss.

*Pictures used in this blog post are courtesy of Lugs

Cool Hearing Aids For Kids!
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Cool Hearing Aids For Kids!
If you’re concerned about your child’s hearing loss, as hearing loss when dealt with at an earlier age can reduce hearing loss significantly.
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Hidden Hearing
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