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Enda Dooley

Senior Hearing Aid Audiologist at Hidden Hearing
Mr. Enda Dooley, Senior Hearing Aid Audiologist DipHE HAA Q.M.U. has been with Hidden Hearing since 2010 and is based in our Merrion Road, Ballsbridge branch.

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This month is Arthritis Awareness Month and as you get older you can come to notice aches and pains in your joints, and also your hearing may decrease.

If you notice more pain and stiffness, it could be arthritis. Arthritis is one of the most common diseases in Ireland. Millions of adults and half of all people age 65 and older are troubled by this disease.

Arthritis can attack joints in almost any part of the body. Some forms of arthritis cause changes you can see and feel—swelling, warmth, and redness in your joints. In some the pain and swelling last only a short time, but are very bad. Other types cause less troublesome symptoms, but still slowly damage your joints.

Arthritis Ireland have detailed booklets about coping with Arthritis and how to mange and cope with joint pain.Arthritis_FB_Profile

Warning Signs of Arthritis

Lasting joint pain

Joint swelling

Joint stiffness

Tenderness or pain when touching a joint

Problems using or moving a joint normally

Warmth and redness in a joint

Age Related Hearing Loss

For most people, finding it a bit harder to hear is just normal wear and tear and one more fact of life. One in five Irish people over the age of 50 have some difficulty hearing, and that figure rises to almost one in two for those over 70.

Hearing loss may be caused by:

  1. Exposure to loud noises. Noise induced hearing loss is particularly common among people who work in loud environments on a daily basis. Long-term exposure to loud noises in workplaces such as factories and construction sites is a major cause of hearing loss, but one off exposures to very loud noises such as music concerts and machinery can also cause permanent damage to hearing.
  2. Meniere’s disease. Meniere’s disease is a condition that can affect hearing and balance, although severity can vary between individuals. Problem arise as fluid builds up in the cochlea, causing tinnitus, dizziness and sensitivity to loud noises.
  3. Medications. Many prescription medicines can cause complications for the hearing organs, including aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs. These problems are more likely to affect people with a family history of hearing loss, and you should always advise your doctor if this has been a problem in your family.
  4. Head injuries. Physical damage to the head, which often results from trauma injuries, can lead to permanent damage to the hearing. The middle ear is delicate, and is subject to damage from injury or eardrum perforation, and damage to the temporal lobe may also cause significant problems. If you are keen on risky or extreme sports, such as rugby, horse riding or skiing, it is important to wear protective headgear to minimize your risk of injury.
  5. Tumours. A tumour in the hearing organ can cause damage to this delicate area, and often results in symptoms such as ringing in the ears. Surgery may be an option in this circumstance, and this may resolve the hearing loss. Abnormal bony growths on the middle ear bones, known as otosclerosis, can also cause hearing loss and is also a problem that is treatable with surgery.
  6. Presbycusis. This is the term given to age-related hearing loss, which results from the loss of hair cells in the ears. Hearing aids can help to overcome this problem, but it is important to seek help as soon as possible to avoid further deterioration.

Book A Free Hearing Test At Hidden Hearing

Ireland’s leading private provider of hearing care solutions is Hidden Hearing, with a national network of over seventy-five branches and clinics. If you have any concerns about your hearing, book a free hearing test with us and find out what we can do for you.

We have a variety of hearing aids for you to try, including digital hearing aids that sit inside the ear canal and are not visible to others. Contact Hidden Hearing online today, or call into your local branch. Alternatively you can call 1800 882 884 to book your free hearing test today.

Healthy aging, Healthy hearing & Healthy bones
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Healthy aging, Healthy hearing & Healthy bones
This month is Arthritis Awareness Month and as you get older you can come to notice aches and pains in your joints, and also your hearing may decrease.
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Hidden Hearing
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