Hearing Loss & Accidental Injury

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Hearing loss is a very common problem, and can develop for many reasons, regardless of your age and gender. Hearing loss is often linked with other health conditions, including heart disease, diabetes and cognitive decline, and research continues to show that people with hearing loss are at higher risk of illnesses such as these.

Recent research also suggests a correlation between hearing loss and accidental injuries, which may be worrying news for our customers at Hidden Hearing. Data collected between 2007 and 2015 was used in the study, which showed that reported levels of accidental injuries were twice as high amongst those with hearing loss.

 Can Hearing Loss Be A Health Hazard?

The new study shows that the risk of accidental injury appears to be a great deal higher amongst those with hearing loss than those who hear well, and further, that those with minor hearing loss are at higher risk than those who have severe hearing loss. Researchers suggest that a mitigating factor here might be the awareness of the condition, so those who are aware of severe hearing loss may take extra precautions to prevent injuries. It should be noted, however, that this correlation has not been found in previous studies of this nature, which had found the risk increasing with the severity of the hearing loss.

It is believed that people with hearing loss may be less likely to hear hazards around them, and that this may put them at greater risk of traffic or sports related accidents. Whatever the extent of your hearing loss, it is vital to ensure that you keep yourself and your family as safe as possible, and here are our top tips.

Staying Safe When You Have Hearing Loss

  •  Get your ears tested! It may sound obvious, but many people put off seeking help for hearing loss for months and even years after they notice a problem with their hearing. This can lead to further damage to the hearing system, as well as increasing the likelihood of linked conditions such as depression and dementia. To minimise the risk of injuring yourself accidentally as a result of your hearing loss, you should book a free hearing test as soon as possible if your hearing has changed.
  •  Get support. Talk to others about the way in which hearing loss is impacting on your life, and do not risk allowing the problem to lead to an accidental injury. Make plans with your family to keep you all safe in various situations, and talk to others who are in the same situation to find out what safety measures may be helpful to you.
  •  Use tools to help. There are many products designed to minimise the risks associated with hearing loss, and you may find these life-changing in certain situations. Visual alarms are very helpful for many people, and measures such as captioning on transport systems can help to ensure that you participate safely in the world around you.

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Hearing Loss & Accidental Injury
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Hearing Loss & Accidental Injury
Recent research also suggests a correlation between hearing loss and accidental injuries, which may be worrying news for our customers at Hidden Hearing.
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Hidden Hearing
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