Hearing Loss Symptoms of Other Health Issues

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Ivor Lewis

Ivor Lewis

Senior Hearing Aid Audiologist at Hidden Hearing
Mr Ivor Lewis, Senior Hearing Aid Audiologist with Hidden Hearing has been an audiologist for nearly 20 years and is highly recognised as a conscientious and caring professional. Ivor has been with Hidden Hearing since 1995 and took control of the Cashel branch in 2011. This branch is now recognised as a Centre of Excellence for Hearing Care in Ireland.

As a fully qualified Fellowship member of both the British, and the Irish Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists, he has years of advanced training both locally and nationally.

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Hearing Loss Can Indicate More Serious Health Issues54427788 - man with hand on ear listening for quiet sound or paying attention

Hearing loss has reached epidemic proportions. One in every six people in Ireland – over 700,000 people – suffer from some form of hearing loss. For people aged 60 and over this figure rises to one in three! What’s even worse is that it can be linked to more serious health issues.


This potentially deadly disease is an inflammation of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround your brain and spinal cord. It is usually caused by an infection and often results in hearing loss — temporary or permanent.


Diabetes diagnoses are steadily increasing, and the health issues that stem from them are frightening. One is hearing loss. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the United States reports that hearing loss is twice as common in adults with diabetes as compared to those who do not have it. The disease can cause hearing loss by damaging the nerves and blood vessels of the inner ear.

Ménière’s disease

This disorder of the inner ear causes severe dizziness (vertigo), tinnitus, ear congestion and periods of hearing loss.


An autoimmune disorder, lupus can cause autoimmune inner ear disease (AIED). This develops when certain antibodies attack the inner ear, predisposing it to blood clots that stifle blood flow. It causes dizziness, tinnitus and progressive hearing loss.


When there is an abnormal growth of bone in the middle ear, it prevents other structures within the ear from working properly. The result can be severe hearing loss.

Heart disease

Heart disease can decrease the blood flow to the inner ear, which can lead to hearing loss.


People suffering from deteriorating bone density are at risk of hearing loss. A study conducted by the University of Illinois suggests that demineralization of the middle ear bones can cause a conductive hearing impairment and hearing loss.

Kidney disease

Toxins that accumulate in the kidneys can damage nerves, including those in the inner ear. In addition, people with diabetes, high blood pressure and old age share common risk factors.

Accoustic neuroma

This tumor can cause hearing loss, but it can be mistaken for other health issues. Symptoms include tinnitus or hearing loss in one ear accompanied by a feeling of fullness. Medical treatment is always required.

Just as these health issues can cause hearing loss, hearing loss can be a symptom of a more serious issue. The best way to proceed is to see your medical professional for an accurate diagnosis.

Are you worried about your hearing? Hidden Hearing can help. Visit our website to schedule a hearing test, chat with an expert or watch informative videos. You may also contact us on freephone 1 800 818 808.

Hearing Loss Symptoms of Other Health Issues
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Hearing Loss Symptoms of Other Health Issues
Hearing Loss Can Indicate More Serious Health Issues
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