Hidden Hearing, Audiologist, Enda Dooley helping the people of Wexford with Hearing Loss

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Enda Dooley

Senior Hearing Aid Audiologist at Hidden Hearing
Mr. Enda Dooley, Senior Hearing Aid Audiologist DipHE HAA Q.M.U. has been with Hidden Hearing since 2010 and is based in our Merrion Road, Ballsbridge branch.

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Passionate audiologist Enda Dooley is thrilled to have recently, once again, been nominated for the prestigious title of ‘Audiologist of the Year’.

An independent judging panel comprised of industry experts, representatives from the charity sector and from Audio Infos magazine, commended the hearing specialist for his commitment and the level of professional care which he provides through his work with Hidden Hearing, based at Redmond Square in Wexford town.

Enda PicsFor the past three years, Mr. Dooley has been recommended for the award by patients who have been thrilled with the outcomes of his work.

The farmer’s son from outside Gorey was chuffed to win the independently-judged industry competition outright in 2015. Mr. Dooley tends to the needs of clients aged from 20 to over 90 and is calling upon anyone who feels they, or someone they know, may benefit from having their hearing checked to visit Hidden Hearing Wexford for a free hearing test.

Who can benefit from a hearing test?

Those who may require frequent repetition, are stressed as a result of straining to hear what others are saying, or who have a family history of hearing loss are just three types of people very likely to benefit from undergoing a hearing test. Hearing difficulties can be hereditary or can arise as a result of a wax blockage or ear infection, being exposed to loud noise, or advancing age.

Effects of Hearing Loss

While hearing is not a tangible concept, Mr. Dooley explained, the difficulties associated with losing the sense are wide-reaching and can significantly affect a person’s quality of life. Loneliness, isolation and difficulties with balance and memory are just some of the ways in which hearing loss can have a detrimental affect on our physical and mental health. Links have been drawn between hearing health and heart health, dementia, stroke and diabetes.

Dementia and Diabetes Link to Hearing Loss

In a recent study of hearing health, those with mild, moderate and severe levels of hearing loss were found to have twice, three times and five times, respectively, the risk of developing dementia over time when compared to those with normal hearing. People with diabetes, meanwhile, Mr. Dooley outlined, are twice as likely as others to experience hearing loss.

What is the Biggest Problem with Hearing Loss?

Putting off getting checked, he said, is one of the key difficulties associated with hearing health. Those who notice an issue may experience feelings of shame, embarrassment, anxiety, insecurity and low self-confidence. They may withdraw from their surroundings, experience a change in personality, avoid social gatherings and experience difficulties in their relationships and at work. As the problem is both painless and invisible, he said, people can tend to put off getting checked for up to seven years after first discovering an issue.

Patients who attend Hidden Hearing for a hearing test typically speak of a breakdown in communications with their friends and loved ones and of difficulties with tasks others may take for granted, such as the ability to hear the priest at mass.

Comprehensive tests conducted at Hidden Hearing tend to take just about an hour and can be sent onto a patient’s doctor thereafter for a medical follow-up.

Following treatment, the audiologist said, many of those who first spoke of experiencing problems can feel once again as though they can be fully involved in life.

“99 per cent of people who come in here say ‘why didn’t I do this earlier’,” Mr. Dooley revealed.

Testimonies from Wexford patients, of varying ages and both male and female, refer to feelings that a person’s hearing has been “handed back” to them, that “hearing the TV is now no problem whatsoever” and that a person “feels less stressed.”

While hearing, like other faculties, tends to naturally decline with age, Hidden Hearing will work to enhance the capability that remains and to make sound in a person’s environs appear clearer rather than louder.

Hearing aids available at Hidden Hearing boast world-leading technologies and are compact and barely visible in the ear. One of their most advanced aids, Mr. Dooley explained, can even connect to the internet. The company provides free aftercare for patients, keeping in touch with them by mail and seeing them for regular re-tests.

Wellness Programme

Enda PicPeople need to be looking at hearing now as part of their regular health checks,” Mr. Dooley

said. A Wellness Programme currently being run by Hidden Hearing is calling upon people to encourage anyone they know who may be experiencing hearing loss to attend for a free test.

To avail of that opportunity or for more information, call Hidden Hearing at 2 Redmond Square, Wexford town, on 053 9123676 or see hiddenhearing.ie.

Hidden Hearing, Audiologist, Enda Dooley helping the people of Wexford with Hearing Loss
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Hidden Hearing, Audiologist, Enda Dooley helping the people of Wexford with Hearing Loss
To avail of a free hearing test, call Hidden Hearing at 2 Redmond Square, Wexford town, on 053 9123676.
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Hidden Hearing
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