Is It Time To Update Your Hearing Aid?

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Jim Fulham

Jim Fulham

Senior Hearing Aid Audiologist at Hidden Hearing
Mr Jim Fulham, Senior Hearing Aid Audiologist with Hidden Hearing, has been an audiologist for the past 30 years and is highly recognised as a conscientious and caring professional. Jim has been with Hidden Hearing since 2000 and took control of the Cavan Branch in 2013. This Branch is now recognised as a Centre of Excellence for Hearing Care in Ireland.

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If you wear hearing aids, you’ll understand the importance of regular checks and maintenance to keep them working well. However, there will still come a time when your hearing aid reaches the end of its working life, and you will need to replace or update it to achieve the best hearing experience.

Here at Hidden Hearing, we know that every client is unique and we work with each individual to find the best options for their situation. There is a huge range of hearing aids available and it can be difficult to choose the features and design that will be suit your hearing loss and your lifestyle, but we can try a variety of styles with you and advise you in your selection.

You might need a new hearing aid if…

  •  Your hearing has deteriorated. Hearing often worsens as we age, especially if a hearing aid is not worn very much. If your hearing has changed, or you find that you are straining to hear conversation or turning up the volume on the television, you may find that a different type of hearing aid is better suited to this level of hearing loss.
  •  Your lifestyle has changed. If you’ve recently changed jobs or taken up a new hobby, you may find that your current hearing aid is not the best option for you anymore. Some styles are better suited to physical activity, for example, and some are designed to cope better with the type of job that involves a lot of communication by telephone or video call.
  • You want to access new features. If you’ve had your hearing aid for a while, you may not be aware that there are many new designs with additional features such as bluetooth streaming and wireless connectivity. Hearing aid technology is developing remarkably fast and there are some very exciting options to consider. Finding out more about these may influence your decision to invest in a new hearing aid, and could bring great benefits to your life.

A hearing aid is an investment in your quality of life and making the right decision is important. Talk to us about your existing hearing aid, or if you think you might need a hearing aid for the first time, and we will help you to explore the options available to you.

Book A Free Hearing Test At Hidden Hearing

 If you think you may have developed a hearing loss, it’s important to consult an Audiologist as soon as possible. You can book a free hearing test, and try a wide range of hearing aids, including the latest digital styles.

Hidden Hearing is the leading private provider of hearing care solutions in Ireland, with a national network that includes over sixty-five branches and clinics. Pop into your local branch today, or contact Hidden Hearing online.

Is It Time To Update Your Hearing Aid?
Article Name
Is It Time To Update Your Hearing Aid?
If you wear hearing aids, you’ll understand the importance of regular checks but at some point will come a time you need to update your hearing aid.
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Hidden Hearing
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