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updated_1majella-sore-ears-next-to-speaker-223x300One of the loudest bands in the world are about to rock Slane Castle and Metallica fans are being urged to consider ear protection.

With the heavy metal legends due to take the stage at the Co Meath venue this coming Saturday, Hidden Hearing are warning those attending all concerts this summer to be wary of “the big bang” from speakers.

Exposure to loud noise is a common cause of hearing loss in adults and it’s becoming more common in younger adults due to listening to music at damaging volumes with the use of headphones.

Hidden Hearing’s senior audiologist Peter Noel Cullen warns that any noise above 85 decibels can damage your hearing “The average rock concert can be as loud as 110 decibels — what I call a big bang of noise,” he said.

“Continuous exposure to noise over 85 decibels can damage your hearing.”

Peter has some simple safety tips for Irish concert-goers;

  1. Avoid the space right next to the speakers. If you stay beside them for prolonged periods of time, you could be left with ringing in your ears.
  2. Ear defenders, a lighter form of ear plugs, are a wise idea.

One celebrity fan of ear plugs is Majella O’Donnell. “If I’m standing right beside the stage during a concert, I’d always wear ear plugs,” said the wife of singing star Daniel.

Protect your hearing, life is worth hearing!

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