Our Favourite Books On Living With Hearing Loss

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Living with a health condition such as hearing loss can be an isolating experience, particularly if you do not know anyone else in the same situation. Finding books that can give you new insights and enable you to find out more about your condition can be a wonderful relief, and many of our customers have recommended the following examples.

There are, of course, many books about hearing loss available widely. The following three are our top picks, simply because we love the open and easily readable approach that each of these great writers takes to the subject. Let us know what you think, and don’t forget to share your own recommendations, too!

 Our Top 3 Books About Hearing Loss:

These three books offer information, advice and a personal perspective on living with hearing loss, and all take a humorous and realistic look at the challenges that their authors have faced. Reading about hearing loss is also, of course, a great way to relax and take a break from the complexities of watching films or television, which often come with the frustration of adjusting hearing aids or focusing on captions to understand the action.

  1.  Hearing Loss Tips: For those who have it and those who don’t. Linnaea Mallette explores hearing loss from her personal perspective, sharing practical tips and fascinating information about the subject. An excellent read for anyone with hearing loss as well as anyone with a family member or friend who is affected by the condition.
  2.  The Way I Hear It. This is a ground-breaking book that combines personal stories with information and practical strategies, and it gives an excellent insight into life with hearing loss. Gael Hannan writes about her own struggles with hearing loss and how this has impacted on her life as a woman, wife and mother. This book is highly recommended for anyone with hearing loss and all those who have a loved one with a hearing impairment.
  3.  I Can Finally Hear Birds: A Candid, Comical And Intimate Journey About Hearing Loss, Meniere’s Disease and Cochlear Implants. This is the true story of Mrs Nancy J Chovancek’s journey into hearing loss, and her honest, humorous look at the issues she has faced. This is popular with reviewers, many of whom read the book in one sitting, and contains much valuable information about Meniere’s disease and life with hearing loss.

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Our Favourite Books On Living With Hearing Loss
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Our Favourite Books On Living With Hearing Loss
Finding books that can give you new insights about hearing loss and enable you to find out more about your condition can be a wonderful relief.
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Hidden Hearing
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