Sophisticated Digital Hearing Aids: Hearing Solutions for You

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Yvonne Doyle

Yvonne Doyle

Senior Hearing Aid Audiologist at Hidden Hearing
Ms Yvonne Doyle, Senior Hearing Aid Audiologist has been working with Hidden Hearing since 2011. Since joining Hidden Hearing, her Wexford Branch is recognised as a Centre of Excellence for hearing care in Ireland.

Ms Doyle won the 2017 'Irish Audiologist of the Year. The competition is organised by leading hearing aid battery manufacturer Rayovac, a division of Spectrum Brands Holdings Inc., who this year welcomed a new sponsor, The European Federation of Hard of Hearing People (EFHOH), on board, joining longstanding partners Audio Infos, and the European Hearing Instrument Manufacturers Association (EHIMA).

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hearing-aid-opn-royalblueDid you know that the technology in a hearing aid can be more sophisticated than the technology in a smartphone? Hearing aid technology is progressing at a tremendous speed, and what was once an intrusive and awkward device is now a sleek, discreet and highly efficient item.

Here at Hidden Hearing, we have a great range of hearing aids, including the newest digital hearing aids that can really revolutionise the clarity and range you can access when you have hearing loss. The first step if you have concerns about your hearing is to make an appointment for a free hearing test so that our expert audiologists can assess the extent of your hearing loss and explore solutions with you.

Surprising Facts About New Hearing Aids:

The newest digital hearing aids on the market come with a wealth of functions as standard and you may be surprised by the additional ways in which you can use your new device. Here are some advantages to digital hearing technology that you may not have considered:

  1. They offer a personal hearing experience. The way in which humans perceive sounds is dependent on our brains, rather than our ears. New digital hearing aids, such as the Oticon Alta2, are designed to work with your individual sound perception to create a great hearing experience that’s as unique as you are.
  2. They can be invisible. Many people put off seeking help when they experience hearing loss because they are worried about the social stigma of wearing hearing aids. Hearing aid technology today is tiny and highly sensitive, so that some devices sit entirely inside the ear canal  and cannot be seen at all, while others are indistinguishable from Bluetooth headsets.
  3. They offer extra functions. Most modern hearing aids will be compatible with wireless technology and Bluetooth, and many models can be used in conjunction with mobile phones and mp3 players to create a personal and highly sophisticated listening or communication experience.
  4. They’re stylish. Far from their bulky ancestors, new hearing aids are designed to be sleek and discreet and come in a range of colours and designs. There are many exciting designs available for everyone, including children and fashion conscious adults, and they are being defined as wearable technology rather than medical assistance devices.

Try Invisible Hearing Aids at Hidden Hearing

Ireland’s leading private provider of hearing care solutions is Hidden Hearing, with a national network of over seventy-five branches and clinics. You can make an appointment for a free hearing test and talk to our audiologists about any problems you are experiencing with your hearing. We have a fantastic range of the newest digital hearing aids for you to try, including invisible hearing aids that no one will know you are wearing.

Contact Hidden Hearing online today, or pop into your local branch.

Sophisticated Digital Hearing Aids: Hearing Solutions for You
Article Name
Sophisticated Digital Hearing Aids: Hearing Solutions for You
We have a great range of digital hearing aids,that can really revolutionise the clarity and range you can access when you have hearing loss.
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Hidden Hearing
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