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Dementia and Hearing Loss: The Link

Did you know that hearing loss is linked to dementia? Studies show that the same areas of the brain that are responsible for auditory processing are linked to dementia, Alzheimer’s and depression, and that hearing loss dramatically increases your risk

Adding a hearing aid

Daniel O’Donnell Launches Hidden Hearing’s Wellness Programme

Hearing Loss and Healthy Aging Hidden Hearing, Ireland’s leading hearing healthcare company  has just launched a new patient-centered Wellness Programme to raise awareness of hearing on the nation’s health agenda. Our mission is to ensure that everyone over the age of 55 avails of


Every 10 decibels of hearing loss, the risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease went up by 20%

Recent research has found a relationship between hearing loss and the onset of memory loss in Alzheimer’s Disease. In a September online report in the journal Psychology and Aging, Canadian researchers compared the hearing ability of 74 musicians aged 19