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Government Grants for the Hard of Hearing are now available for the Self Employed

You can still avail of assistance for funding the purchase of your hearing aid! If you think you might have hearing loss and could benefit from a free hearing test with Hidden Hearing. You may be glad to know that at present there


Anatomy of the Ear: How We Hear

Hearing is something most of us take for granted, but the human ear is a delicate, detailed sensory organ. How we hear is really a complicated process that can be better understood by looking at what makes up the ear.

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Grant Assistance for Hearing Aids

Is there financial assistance available for hearing aids? Yes, there is funding under the Treatment Benefit Scheme operated by the Department of Social and Family Affairs. Qualifying patients and their dependent spouses who have full PRSI cover may get a


Daniel O’Donnell Launches Hidden Hearing’s Wellness Programme

Hearing Loss and Healthy Aging Hidden Hearing, Ireland’s leading hearing healthcare company  has just launched a new patient-centered Wellness Programme to raise awareness of hearing on the nation’s health agenda. Our mission is to ensure that everyone over the age of 55 avails of


Hidden Hearing Celebrates 6 Years of Hearing Healthcare in Terenure

This month Hidden Hearing in Terenure are celebrating 6 years in business and we would like to thank all our amazing friends and clients for their on-going support, we have had an incredible journey since opening our doors in 2009.

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How to Choose the Right Hearing Aid for Your Specific Needs

Tired of making people repeat themselves? Is turning up the volume on the TV no longer enough help? That’s a signal it’s time to get your hearing checked and consider a hearing aid. In the last several years, the technology