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Hidden Hearing – Healthy Aging, Happy Aging & Better Hearing

When people mention healthy aging & hearing loss, many people get panicked and worry about a surge of medical conditions that can happen. I’m happy to tell you that getting older doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have a bunch of medical


Ear wax removal processes – What’s involved?

The answer to hearing loss isn’t always a hearing aid. In fact, it can sometimes be a lot simpler than that. A hearing test will determine the cause of your hearing problems, and how severe they are. If it’s determined

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A day in the life of the Hidden Hearing Customer Services team

Name: Fiona Dunne Title: Customer Services Administrator Years with Hidden Hearing; 11 years   Favorite part of the job: Getting someone’s problems solved, if it’s something that can be done over the phone all the better. It is refreshing to hear


Ghosts, Goblins, Ghouls and … Hearing Loss?

 Top Tip to Prevent Hearing Loss At Halloween Your little ghosts, superheroes and princesses are probably counting down the days until Halloween and having dreams about the sweets they’ll collect. You’re likely worrying about keeping them safe while they trick

Halloween Jack-O'-Lanterns

Winter is Ear Infection Season

Winter’s Curse: Ear Infections As starkly beautiful as winter can be, it also brings on something ugly: the common cold. That, in turn, is the number one culprit of otitis media (middle ear infections). Just as some people seem to


Anatomy of the Ear: How We Hear

Hearing is something most of us take for granted, but the human ear is a delicate, detailed sensory organ. How we hear is really a complicated process that can be better understood by looking at what makes up the ear.

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