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Happy Birthday Hidden Hearing L’Derry

Hidden Hearing L’Derry Celebrates Its 12th Birthday! Hidden Hearing, Ireland’s premier hearing healthcare provider celebrated its 12th birthday in L’Derry this month. Since we opened the branch at  73 Carlisle Road, L’Derry, they have been offering customers the best in professional hearing care, help


Hidden Hearing – Healthy Aging, Happy Aging & Better Hearing

When people mention healthy aging & hearing loss, many people get panicked and worry about a surge of medical conditions that can happen. I’m happy to tell you that getting older doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have a bunch of medical


Sophisticated Digital Hearing Aids: Hearing Solutions for You

Did you know that the technology in a hearing aid can be more sophisticated than the technology in a smartphone? Hearing aid technology is progressing at a tremendous speed, and what was once an intrusive and awkward device is now a sleek, discreet

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Ear wax removal processes – What’s involved?

The answer to hearing loss isn’t always a hearing aid. In fact, it can sometimes be a lot simpler than that. A hearing test will determine the cause of your hearing problems, and how severe they are. If it’s determined

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Hidden Hearing Audiologist wins Audiologist of the Year

“It was great to finally see an audiologist that cared” Wexford native and Hidden Hearing audiologist, Enda Dooley has been crowned ‘Irish Audiologist of the Year in the eighth annual Audiology Awards. The competition is run in partnership between the

Tom Qwens, Shona Maguire and Enda Dooley Hidden Hearing Wexford

A day in the life of the Hidden Hearing Customer Services team

Name: Fiona Dunne Title: Customer Services Administrator Years with Hidden Hearing; 11 years   Favorite part of the job: Getting someone’s problems solved, if it’s something that can be done over the phone all the better. It is refreshing to hear