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Try the Oticon OPN in Ennis today with our Expert Audiologist Caroline Hogan

In Ennis, Co Clare,  Most people assume that hearing is something that happens in your ears.  In fact, it’s actually in your brain that sound becomes information that has meaning. “With hearing loss, the sound signal that the brain is

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Have a Free Hearing Test at our Branch in Hidden Hearing Athlone

Leading the team at Hidden Hearing Athlone is Audiologist, Martin Shanagher. Martin bases his professionalism on his commitment to help the hearing impaired lead a fuller life. By combining integrity and compassion, he naturally demonstrates a unique ability to explain strategies of hearing improvement


Prevent Hearing Loss With a New Hobby!

Hearing loss is very common, and is often related to ageing. However, this doesn’t mean that we just have to accept it as a natural part of growing older: there are many things we can do to help prevent hearing

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