Age Related Hearing Loss: The Facts

hearingloss in one earHearing loss is a condition that can affect anyone, regardless of age and gender. It is, however, more common in men, and more common in the older population. This is largely due to age-related hearing loss, known as presbycusis, which is the most common cause of hearing loss.

Here at Hidden Hearing, we see many people with age related hearing loss, which is believed to affect more than fifty percent of people over 75 years old. Fortunately, hearing aids are very effective at correcting age related hearing loss, and some styles even fit right inside the ear canal and are not visible at all.

Why Does Hearing Worsen With Age?

  1. Damage to hairs in the ear. The tiny hairs in the ears are essential to the hearing process, but these can be damaged easily, and cannot be replaced when they start to thin as we age. Stem cell research hopes to find a solution to this problem in the future, which is exciting news for those with hearing loss.
  2. Nerve cell damage. Research shows that more than ninety percent of hearing loss is due to injuries to the auditory nerve cells or damage to the hairs, as described above. This is known as sensorineural hearing loss, and stem cell research offers much hope in this area, also.
  3. Changes in blood circulation. Blood circulation may change as we age, particularly if other factors, such as smoking, are involved. This can result in a reduced blood supply to the cochlea, which can have a negative impact on hearing.
  4. Structural changes in the inner ear. Head trauma or the natural deterioration of the hearing organs as we age can also cause problems with hearing. Protecting your head if you are involved in sporting activities, and taking care to eat well and exercise regularly throughout your life, will help to prevent this damage.

Your Hearing Affects Your Health

It is vital to seek help as soon as you realize that your hearing may be deteriorating, since untreated hearing loss can lead to further problems, including depression and dementia. Make an appointment to take a hearing test as soon as possible, and your audiologist will help you to find a solution that works for you.

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