Crazy Hearing Aid Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Did you know that large and very obvious hearing aids are a thing of the past? Today, hearing aids are very different and contain more sophisticated technology than a smartphone, so wearing hearing aids do not have to be a worrying prospect anymore.

Here at Hidden Hearing, we know that many people delay seeking help for hearing loss because they are worried about wearing hearing aids, and this can lead to further deterioration of the hearing. We believe in spreading the word about new hearing solutions to raise awareness and reduce the stigma associated with wearing hearing aids. Read on to find out more about common hearing aid myths:


Myths About Hearing Aids:

  •  Myth 1: You only need a hearing aid in one ear.

Truth: Having a hearing aid in only one ear can give a one-sided or unbalanced hearing experience, and most people will be advised to wear a hearing aid in both ears for the best results.

  •  Myth 2: Hearing aid batteries cost a lot.

Truth: Many digital hearing aids have rechargeable batteries, which is a much more sustainable solution that a device which needs new batteries regularly. Many hearing aids are now designed to be charged in the evening or at night, like mobile phones and laptops, and used all day for convenience.

  • Myth 3: Hearing aids are difficult to use.

Truth: New digital hearing aids are designed with simplicity in mind, but offer a range of functions that can be controlled via a remote control or mobile phone app. If you have limited mobility or are concerned about remote operations, you should talk to your audiologist about the options available to you.

  •  Myth 4: Hearing aids are very expensive.

Truth: While it may seem a high initial outlay, when you consider the benefits and daily usage of your hearing aid, you can see this as an investment in your health and quality of life. Payment plans are usually available so that you can spread the cost over a period of time, and these will usually include your follow up and aftercare appointments.

  •  Myth 5: Hearing aids don’t make much difference.

Truth: Hearing aids can entirely change your hearing experience, and new digital hearing aids process sounds in a highly sophisticated way that adjusts for different environments. You can work with your audiologist to ensure that you get great results, and pick up some top tips for making the most of your hearing aids, too.

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