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The Oticon OPN – Available in Hidden Hearing Killarney

In Ireland, Co Kerry, Most people assume that hearing is something that happens in your ears.  In fact, it’s actually in your brain that sound becomes information that has meaning. “With hearing loss, the sound signal that the brain is accustomed


World Health Day #LetsTalk – Hearing health & Mental Health

Depression is a major challenge to health in the WHO European Region and is the focus of World Health Day 2017. The theme “Depression: let’s talk” recognizes that depression is a treatable condition and seeks to address the fact that,


Hearing Aid Worries: Overcoming the Fear

Many people suffer from hearing loss, but only a minority of these wear hearing aids and this is largely due to worries about the stigma hearing aids carry. Worries about hearing aids mean that people avoid seeking a solution to


How Eating Chocolate Can Help Your Hearing

It’s official, eating chocolate is great for your hearing! Dark chocolate is rich in zinc, which can help to prevent hearing loss by preserving your inner ear function. There’s never been a better excuse to indulge, and this is a

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Hidden Hearing – ‘Investing in excellence’ with a new training centre in Citywest, Dublin

At Hidden Hearing we are committed to providing you with the best hearing healthcare possible, which includes recruiting, training and providing continuing education for our team of audiologists and hearing aid dispensers, whose job it is to assess and advise