How Can Technology Help Treat Hearing Loss?

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Jim Fulham

Jim Fulham

Senior Hearing Aid Audiologist at Hidden Hearing
Mr Jim Fulham, Senior Hearing Aid Audiologist with Hidden Hearing, has been an audiologist for the past 30 years and is highly recognised as a conscientious and caring professional. Jim has been with Hidden Hearing since 2000 and took control of the Cavan Branch in 2013. This Branch is now recognised as a Centre of Excellence for Hearing Care in Ireland.

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Being diagnosed with hearing loss can be worrying for many people, especially if they feel that there is still a stigma attached to the use of hearing aids. However, advances in technology have made hearing loss a much more manageable condition, and the best place to start is a hearing test with an experienced audiologist.

Technology has without a doubt  changed the world in many ways. However, in terms of hearing loss, it has enabled many major breakthroughs that have greatly improved life for people with the condition. Here at Hidden Hearing, we pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the benefits that technology can bring us, and we believe that sharing information and resources with our customers can be useful in many ways.

Technologies That Are Helpful In Hearing Loss

1. Educational apps. There are several apps that have been designed to diagnose and understand hearing loss, and exploring these may give you some useful information and ideas about how to approach your condition. Hearing games can be helpful, and ‘the dilemma game’ is a popular choice that can help people with hearing loss to cope on a daily basis.

2. Online hearing tests. When you are experiencing hearing loss, it is often difficult to commit to an appointment with an audiologist, especially if you feel embarrassed by the idea of wearing hearing aids. An online hearing test can be extremely useful in establishing whether or not you may have a hearing loss, and giving you the confidence to engage with a professional audiologist who can help. This is particularly important since hearing loss, if untreated, can lead to other serious conditions such as depression, isolation and dementia. When hearing loss is treated, the risk of these conditions reduces once again, so do not put off seeking help.

3. Hearing aids. Did you know that some digital hearing aids use more sophisticated technology than a smart phone? The latest in high-tech devices can be used in conjunction with MP3 players or mobile phones and can also use bluetooth technology. Hearing aids have become a desirable form of wearable technology, and these are set to become more popular than the smartwatch in the future.

Book A Free Hearing Test at Hidden Hearing

If you have been experiencing hearing loss or tinnitus, it is a good idea to visit an audiologist as soon as possible to find out the extent of the problem. A hearing test can feel overwhelming, but our friendly team will work with you to establish the very best hearing solutions for your and your lifestyle.

Hidden Hearing is Ireland’s leading private provider of hearing care solutions, and our national network includes over seventy-five branches and clinics. Simply contact Hidden Hearing online today, or pop into your local branch.

How Can Technology Help Treat Hearing Loss?
Article Name
How Can Technology Help Treat Hearing Loss?
In terms of hearing loss technology has enabled many major breakthroughs that have greatly improved life for people with the condition.
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Hidden Hearing
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